Palestinian media claims Holocaust refugees ‘bit the hand that fed them’

The Palestinian Authority’s TV program claimed that Arabs helped Jewish refugees to discover they only came to conquer the land and expel the Arab population.

Buchenwald survivors arrive in Haifa to be arrested by the British, July 15, 1945, from "To the Promised Land" by Uri Dan (Doubleday, 1987) (photo credit: PUBLIC DOMAIN)
Buchenwald survivors arrive in Haifa to be arrested by the British, July 15, 1945, from “To the Promised Land” by Uri Dan (Doubleday, 1987)
(photo credit: PUBLIC DOMAIN)
A program titled From the Israeli Archive was aired on the Palestinian Authority’s TV channel this week and claimed that Jews who immigrated to Israel during the Holocaust were helped by Arabs, and later betrayed them.

The program’s episode on “The Expulsion of the Jews from Germany,” aired and was immediately translated and distributed by Palestinian Media Watch.
“How was the expulsion (i.e., the Nazi genocide) of the Jews carried out? German [Nazi] Minister of Propaganda [Joseph] Goebbels, together with Hitler, disseminated that the Jews are like rats: They spread diseases, rob the wealth of Germany, and must be expelled… They reached the land of Palestine hungry, sick, lacking everything, infected with typhus and malaria. We gave them fresh water to drink and fed them oranges, and they betrayed the hand that was extended to help them,” the episode began. 
In 1920, anti-Jewish riots erupted across the country, epitomized by the murder of Jewish author Y. Brenner in Jaffa. The Arab Revolt in 1936-39 followed not long after, eventually resulting in the publication of the British White Papers. 
This document limited Jewish immigration to the country, which proved disastrous for Holocaust refugees attempting to escape Europe. 
The 1939 White Papers allowed only 75,000 Jewish immigrants over five years, capping the number at a third of the total population. The document added that after those five years, “no further Jewish immigration will be permitted unless the Arabs of Palestine are prepared to acquiesce in it.”
The host of the PA’s TV program defended the 1929 riots: “The demonstrations began in Hebron and Jerusalem and the expulsion of the Jews began, because they came to take control of the land and expel the Arabs from it, and not to seek refuge among them.”

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